At Kineticos, we have a simple mission: to help our sponsors solve their most complex problems. We work exclusively within the life sciences ecosystem. And our focus is strategy, business development & licensing, market access, innovation and operational excellence. Our values start with an entrepreneurial culture focused on exceptional outcomes for our sponsors through deep engagements. We foster an environment where our business and life science experts can be creative, critical and collaborative thinkers. We value context and transparency over hierarchy and control. We do all of this to improve patient outcomes, our shared purpose with our sponsors.

Differentiated Approach

  • Exclusive Life Science Focus – We help companies operating in the life science ecosystem with their most difficult problems.
  • Real World Expertise – Our staff has a rich and diversified background in the industry we serve.
  • Private Equity Mindset – PE owned firms have a unique set of priorities, challenges and constraints, all of which we cater to.
  • Transformational Solutions – Divergent thinking coupled with bold, novel and transformational ideas is how we create value.
  • Scientific Method – We follow a rigorous methodology which starts with current state evaluations and understanding implications and imperatives.
  • Execution Orientation – Gathering data and writing reports is not enough to drive results – that’s why we focus on operationalizing our solutions.
  • 3 Horizon Approach – Our solutions are geared for today (Horizon 1), the next 36 months (H2) and beyond (H3).
  • Risk/Reward Models – To ensure objectives are aligned, we can offer creative, risk sharing engagement models.

Operating Principles

  • Client Centricity – Our clients are at the heart of our enterprise. We aim to be flexible, agile and responsive to their needs.
  • Integrity & Trust – We understand the trust that our clients place in us – we aspire to match this trust with our integrity in every interaction.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – At the heart of Kineticos is a can do, entrepreneurial spirit which infuses every thought, decision and action.

Client Value

  • Tangible ROI – Kineticos has a track record of generating top line growth and bottom line results significantly in excess of client investment.
  • Direct Results – Our fact based approach leads to actionable insights and imperatives for our clients. We are committed to direct and measured results.
  • On Time/Budget – Being on time and staying within budget is a critical component of our DNA. We work diligently to define the scope of an engagement in detail, which allows us to solve the right problems effectively and efficiently.